Gold In The Metaverse

Gold in the metaverse

Gold in the Metaverse

Let’s get to the point quickly. Any saver, whether novice or expert, must make an investment in actual gold. It serves as a physical asset for wealth diversification and protection as well as a safe haven that is simple to keep. And above all, protection from inflation and the many laws that jeopardize your life insurance and bank assets. For your knowledge, since 2005, the price of gold has increased by a factor of 5. Let’s push on nonetheless.

Purchasing gold is crucial since it is your financial assets’ true ally (or portfolio, depending on whether you are a saver or an investor). Simply put, it is your insurance. It protects you from laws governing bank accounts and life insurance while maintaining your purchasing power.

GOLD, an average return of 8.9% per year since 1999 Gold is a long-term investment, despite the fact that its price may change in the short term. Indeed, the cost of gold tends to rise with time. Since the introduction of the euro in 1999, the price of gold has increased by an average of 8.9% annually. Gold outperformed the Livret A (1.9%), Life Insurance (2.9%), and even the CAC40 (4.9%) throughout the same time period. As a result, gold is a wise choice for people wishing to make long-term investments. Additionally, gold is a liquid asset, making it simple to sell if you suddenly need cash.

In 1999, a €1,000 investment in precious metals would have been worth… more than €7,000 in 2022. You are aware that gold has historically been employed as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty despite the fact that its value can vary.

Simple and affordable storage

Whoever wants to invest in GOLD and Silver, whether they are experienced investors or novices, will ask this question first. that of precious metals storage. There are now affordable financial options for keeping your gold safe.

NESW Global is founder of the gold standard for the crypto market, with the help of decentralizing the world of gold investments and giving the possibility to tokenization of gold as an NFT – Gold NFT connected to a real gold bullion, which allows you to trade gold in the physical world as well as in the Metaverse.

As you now know, even if there are choices for hiding your gold at home or depositing it in a bank, the best course of action is still to use a private company that specializes in the storage of valuable items.



Gold safe heaven

Probably the most frequently used definition is this one. When their other financial assets are performing poorly, new or experienced investors turn to precious metals as a safety net. Stock market share declines, declining bank interest rates, and life insurance not
Gold has always had the capacity to protect and secure assets throughout economic history.


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