Gold is a major asset and has been used as a commodity and a medium of exchange since 1500BC. Gold bars, bullions and gold coins are all viable investments.

Its ancient roots prove that it is a stable and a valuable investment since time immemorial. 

It plays a major role in shaping economic history and has influenced our daily lives has shaped economies and influenced how we live our lives.


The Crypto Gold Standard (TCGS)

Gold Backed Crypto Welcome to the world of the Crypto Gold Standard (TCGS) – a groundbreaking innovation in blockchain technology and natural resource investing.

Our gold-backed stablecoin, TCGS, offers a secure, transparent, and accessible way to invest in the timeless value of gold. But we’re not just about gold.

Our revolutionary ecosystem extends beyond, opening doors to investments in a wide range of natural resources, thereby democratizing an investment sector traditionally reserved for a niche group.

Investing in gold has been considered the safest financial option since Biblical times, and this still holds true today, especially with the advent of gold backed cryptocurrency. The laws of supply and demand remain unaltered, and we’re currently experiencing a modern-day Gold Rush. The supply of gold continues to dwindle, while demand fluctuates by approximately 20%.


In the current economic climate, the value of the dollar is steadily declining due to inflation. However, gold retains its value, making it a reliable investment. The introduction of gold backed cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way we invest in gold. It combines the stability and value retention of gold with the convenience and modernity of cryptocurrencies. This makes gold backed cryptocurrency not just a safe investment, but also a straightforward and accessible one in today’s digital age.

Gold is used countries and governments as their primary currency.

There are three major causes for this



Investing in African Mining Investing in African Mining Gold - The Best Options for Today


African Mining Investment Opportunities
Gold investment PROOF-OF-STANDARD Gold NFTs


Physical Gold & NFT Gold Trading

Investing in African Mining Investing in African Mining Gold - The Best Options for Today
Gold investment PROOF-OF-STANDARD Gold NFTs


Mining Investment Opportunities


Physical Gold & Digital Gold exchange

Sustainable Mining for a Better Future

Our vision is to revolutionize the natural resources sector through the application of innovative blockchain technology and sustainable extraction methods that prioritize the well-being of local communities and ecosystems.


By focusing on environmentally friendly mining practices and the development of sustainable biotech technologies, we aim to create a lasting positive impact on the mining industry in Africa and beyond.


Join us in our mission to build a more equitable and sustainable future for all stakeholders involved in the natural resources sector.

gold backed crypto

Investing becomes more efficient and effortless with a gold-backed stablecoin.

The Crypto Gold Standard (TCGS) represents a new era in digital asset ownership. With the advent of blockchain technology, it’s now possible for individuals to invest in physical gold bullion or secured coins in a secure and efficient manner. 

The TCGS protocol is designed to offer an easier and more user-friendly approach to gold investment and exchange, making it accessible to a wider audience.

The Gold backed stablecoin ​ , which is a core component of the TCGS, serves as a digital asset that signifies ownership of physical gold stored in vaults in a secure location. 


The crypto gold standard provides a secure platform for the transfer of ownership rights, making it possible to trade gold online with full legal guarantees.

This opens up the market to a wider audience, who can now invest in physical gold using blockchain technology.

The cryptocurrency market is a rapidly growing industry, worth over $500 billion, but its volatility makes it difficult for investors to make informed decisions. 

NESW Global is changing that by providing a gold standard for the cryptocurrency market, with a proven track record of accurate predictions and a commitment to providing the most profitable solutions available on the global market. 

By joining the digital asset revolution, individuals can gain greater security and stability for their investments.


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